Making Your White Van Green

Making Your White Van Green

Likewise primitive roadside billboards, company vehicles such as liveried vans, lorries, cars, and so on are ideal places to advertise and broadcast a company to everyone because they act as moving billboards. A Hull-based decal company, Brandfixx, is using a revolutionary new way to wrap vehicles that is easier to install, quicker than other methods, and greener. This project was carried out in collaboration with academics from the UK.


Founding in 2020 by father-son David and Greg Saunderson, the Brandfixx team wanted to challenge the traditional issues associated with branding vehicles. Their revolutionary new process uses state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology for vehicle wrapping. These design, production, and application processes are significantly cost-saving and much quicker to wrap a vehicle, but the challenge is how much greener they are. Brandfixx believes their new process is also less carbon-intensive, but for an expert check, they came to the Aura Innovation Centre to ask for help to find out their carbon footprint and how greener they are.


Brandfixx has two main goals: calculating and comparing CO2 emissions from their new process versus the traditional wrapping process. Then the Aura Innovation Centre assembled a team of experts in logistics and supply chain management from Hull University Business School, who put together Brandfixx’s carbon footprint and the traditional process’s carbon footprint.


The academic team analyzed video evidence and technology-based calculations and came to the conclusion that, compared to traditional methods, Brandfixx saves over four hours of time per vehicle, produces 40% less waste, and reduces the carbon footprint by over 70%. The experts also recommended how Brandfixx can continue to make their product even greener.


Brandfixx’s revolutionary new process has boosted their environmental credentials and given them a considerable competitive advantage, making them officially greener and cleaner than their rivals and proving that a company can be both green and profitable.


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