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Around the globe, tourism and hospitality companies are meeting the challenges of economic conditions, consumer trends, and competition. We stand prepared with solutions to optimize the flow of people, goods, and associated services.

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The tourism industry today faces unprecedented challenges from COVID-19, pandemics, rapidly growing technologies, and more new responsibilities. We understand how the tourism and hospitality sectors work with our expansive experience, advanced analytics, and unparalleled network.

The global economy depends on connections—fluid channels through which people and goods move. The growing sophistication and complexity of travel have helped to decrease global economic growth while creating vulnerabilities.

Tourism earned Sri Lanka $4.4 billion and contributed 5.6% to GDP in 2018, but this dropped to just 0.8% in 2020. (Reuters, 2022)

It implies the significance of tourism and hospitality sector in the national and global economy.

Source: Reuters

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