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Amid recent geopolitical uncertainty and global inflationary pressure, digital transformation has been imperative for logistics companies.

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The Covid-19 pandemic had underpinned how vulnerable the global logistics and freight system had been. At the same time, we have also seen a massive growth in e-commerce throughout the entire world. With volatility in oil prices and uncertainty spread by global conflicts, it is the right time for every logistic company to get leaner and more efficient.In this highly fragmented industry, our team adopts global thinking, and yet follows a localization strategy.

Whether you are looking for transit time measurement, or simply looking for a competitor analysis or industry benchmark in a sector that is growing through salient transformation, our team can certainly offer you industry specific solutions.

Global air freight supply, demand, and prices, January 2018–July 2022


Source: Dwulf and Van Broeksaele (2022)

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