DataQuest 360

Ethics Committee & Members:

We are proud to announce that at DataQuest 360, we have established an Ethics Committee comprising internationally recognized academics and researchers from diverse fields to oversee and monitor all ethics-related activities within our organization. The Ethics Committee plays a critical role in upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring that our data collection practices align with the principles outlined in our ethics statement. Here’s an overview of the Ethics Committee’s responsibilities and functions:


Independent Oversight

The Ethics Committee operates independently from other departments within DataQuest 360 to maintain objectivity and impartiality in its evaluations.

Policy Review and Development

The committee reviews existing ethics policies regularly and contributes to the development of new policies or updates to align with emerging ethical concerns and industry best practices.

Ethical Review of Projects:

Before undertaking any data collection project, the Ethics Committee conducts a thorough review to assess its compliance with ethical guidelines, ensuring that data collection respects individual rights and privacy.

Informed Consent Procedures

The committee ensures that appropriate informed consent procedures are in place for all data collection efforts, and it reviews the language and methods used to obtain consent from participants.

Confidentiality &                          Anonymization

The Ethics Committee evaluates measures in place to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of data subjects, ensuring that appropriate safeguards are employed to prevent data misuse.

Data Security and Storage

Regular audits of data security practices are conducted to ensure compliance with industry standards and legal requirements, and the committee reviews the data storage procedures to prevent unauthorized access.

Non-Discrimination Compliance

The Ethics Committee ensures that data collection projects comply with the principle of non-discrimination and do not perpetuate biases or unfair practices.

Monitoring Ethical                      Compliance

The committee regularly monitors ongoing data collection projects to ensure continued adherence to ethical standards and to address any emerging ethical concerns promptly.

Stakeholder Consultation

The Ethics Committee seeks input and feedback from relevant stakeholders, including data subjects, clients, and external experts, to incorporate diverse perspectives into decision-making processes.

Continuous Education

Members of the Ethics Committee stay abreast of the latest developments in ethics and data privacy to provide informed guidance and recommendations to DataQuest 360.

Transparency and Reporting

The Ethics Committee is committed to transparency and will provide regular reports to the management and stakeholders on ethical matters and compliance activities.

By having an Ethics Committee consisting of distinguished experts, DataQuest 360 reaffirms its dedication to ethical data collection practices and responsible use of information. We believe that this oversight enhances the credibility and integrity of our organization while safeguarding the rights and interests of all individuals involved in our data collection endeavors.

Our Ethics Committee

Professor Mohammad Thowfiqul Islam

MSc (South Korea), Ph.D. (Japan) Department of Management, University of Dhaka.


Mamoon Bashir

Graduate Research Director, The University of Hull, UK

Professor Shahrukh Adnan Khan

PhD (UK)
School of Engineering, Uttara University, Bangladesh

Mr Nafiul Huq

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant RBC Capital Markets, Toronto, Canada

Barrister Labiba R Seelhof

Environment and Human Right Lawyer London, UK

Member Secretary

Mr Latiful Khabir

Member Secretary
MSc (UK) CEO, DataQuest360