Data Governance

The strategic component of your data transformation journey

Developing your synergy generator

The rapid proliferation of data not only warrants an upgradation of current systems, but also brings the need for new policies and governance framework to leverage and safeguard the data. With increasing concerns about data privacy and regulations, it is imperative that businesses have the right tools to navigate data privacy laws, develop compliance strategies, develop data governance policies stipulating each and every stakeholder’ rights and obligation, and implement data protection measures.

For Companies on average lose about 30% or 12 hours per week due to poor data governance system.

Source: IDC

Moving from compliance to culture

DataQuest360 takes pride in being at the intersection of data, technology and human understanding, and pertinent governing laws to privacy and data usage. We provide the highest quality of evidence-based policy framework for collection, usage, and dissemination of data for a wide range of clients, from academics to start-ups to large organizations.

Our approach towards Data Governance

Our data governance consulting starts with defining data scope, and then gradually moving towards development of organizational structure, and designing data standards and policies to use data by assigning roles and setting up the parameters on accountability for each of the user groups.  The right blend of IT, legal and HR professionals, our data governance ensures that no stone remains unturned in our relentless persuasion of efficiency, security, and compliance.

Our capability to contribute


Experts comprised of IT, HR, legal professionals with thorough understanding in creating synergies among all user groups


Access to three different continents


Years of combined experience working across industries


Strong and independent ethics committee oversees each and every project

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