Data Appending

Unifying Data for Informed Insights

Smarter way of making your data work harder

In an ever-changing world, even the most comprehensive set of data can become incomplete, unactionable, or worse still, can become obsolete at a rapid pace. By deploying a highly adaptive data appending approach, our pool of experts in data integration and aggregation can save you both time and money.

Data integration is estimated to increase data accuracy and data quality by up to 80%, while 97% of data integration users report that the technology has a positive impact on the accuracy of their data.

Source: Data integration guide, 2022

Boost the value of your research

By compliantly integrating and matching with various sources of data, whether with our own data or that of syndicated studies, or even data from your own CRM or social media, our data appending leaves you with an enhanced sample, a prerequisite to a wider and more accurate insight of your customers.

Our approach towards Data Appending

We specialize in aggregating and integrating data from various sources, creating comprehensive datasets for our clients. By adding missing fields, updating outdated information, supplementing records with new data points or merging data from multiple databases including that of third party, we provide our clients with a faster and updated solutions which is based on a more enriched and enhances data set.

Our capability to contribute


Experts composed of both academic and industry with thorough understanding in rigorous and diversified methodology for data appending


Available dataset across 6 different industries to instantly match and integrate with your own data


Access to three different continents


Years of combined experience working across industries


Strong and independent ethics committee oversees each and every project


Data points collection

We serve as your competitive advantage!